To maintain weight loss, we have to do more than diet. It takes a change of lifestyle. You can live a healthy lifestyle by changing one part of your routine at a time. We recommend starting with day one: Sunday. A little planning goes a long way in ensuring that you’re eating right and exercising throughout the week. Sometimes, time seems to slip away from us, so here’s how you can change your Sunday routine in order to stay on track all week:

Plan Your Meals
There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day and not knowing what’s for dinner or running out of groceries. Speak with your nutritionist about planning your meals for the entire week. A nutritionist can help you determine how many calories you should be eating each day and what kind of foods you should be eating to ensure you’re happy and full. After planning out all of your meals and grocery shopping for the week on Sunday, there’s no reason to go off schedule.

Plan Your Workouts
Grab a large wall calendar and hang it up for everyone in the house to see. On this calendar, plan out where you will be working out, what routine you’re doing, for how long, and at what time. Planning your workouts is just like planning your meals. It will keep you on track. Hanging it up for the whole family to see will help them keep you on track. They might even join in!

Laundry Day
Make sure all of your workout clothes are clean and that you have enough to last you the week.  Nothing puts a damper on your spirit like staying up late to do laundry on a weeknight or running out of clean yoga pants.

Pack Snacks
We often have to stay at work late or spend a little too long at that PTA meeting. To prevent binge eating or picking up one of those cookies in the break room, bring your own healthy snacks. Small amounts of nuts or a banana are great for on the go. You can also pack your own shakes and nutrition bars, which are great for those just starting out on their weight-loss journey.

Sleep Well
This isn’t just a Sunday thing! You should be getting 7—8 hours of sleep every night. A full night’s rest has been proven to help regulate hunger. It will also ensure you’re ready to go for your morning workout and give you enough energy to last the day if you work out in the evening.

Gather Your Gear
Rushing to find all of your things in the morning can ruin a day. You could miss breakfast or forget your workout gear! Make sure you gather all of your snacks, workout gear, and items for work and school on Sunday night to be ready for the rest of the week.

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