New Year’s resolutions are tough. By February, 80 percent of Americans will have given up on their resolutions. All too often, we make grand claims for our resolutions but aren’t able to follow through. That’s why it’s important to set reasonable goals that will still make an impact. The smallest lifestyle changes can yield drastic results if you stick to one of these.

Eat Veggies at Every Meal
Yes—breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Three servings of vegetables each day will help provide the nutrients you need, and vegetables are also a great way to fill up. For breakfast, try mixing a cup of spinach into your eggs. For lunch and dinner, consider replacing a serving of rice or potatoes for a side of roasted veggies. You will feel just as full, but within a few weeks you will notice that you’re already shedding those pounds.

Drink a Liter of Water Every Day
Dehydration can lead to many health complications, and hunger is a common symptom. Many of us will mistake thirst for hunger, which can lead to overeating. By drinking a minimum of a liter of water per day, you will snack less and see a difference in your overall energy levels.

Limit Sweets to Once Per Week
Indulging in sweets every day can make getting your diet on track much more difficult. By limiting sweets to once per week you can more easily track your sugar intake, cut back on calories, and ensure you’re filling up on more healthy vegetables and proteins. However, it’s still important to treat yourself. For your weekly sweet, consider taking the kids out for frozen yogurt and the park for some physical activity.

Ditch High-Calorie Drinks
We see so many patients who drop 1—2 pounds per week by making one simple change to their diets: ditching high-calorie drinks. This includes sodas, fast-food smoothies, and sugary coffee drinks. In a medium Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, there are 520 calories! That’s equivalent to 3.7 cans of soda—an entire meal’s worth of calories. By cutting these drinks from your diet, you will save on both calories and money! For an alternative to soda, try flavored sparkling water. For lattes and Frappucinos, consider hot or iced coffee with a small amount of cream and sugar-free syrups.

Seek Professional Help
Losing weight alone can be tough. Anyone who has tried and failed knows that. Instead of embarking on your weight loss mission alone, contact your doctor for help find a weight loss program that’s right for you. With medical supervision and community support, you’re much more likely to succeed.

For more information on The Torres Center’s weight loss and nutrition program, contact us today. You can schedule a free consultation with a dietitian and begin losing weight from day one!