We all know that exercise is important for our bodies and minds. The hard part of exercising is finding the time to do it and a routine that we enjoy and will produce results. In 2014, the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal published an article that put all of the latest fitness research into one routine called the 7-Minute Workout.

The 7-Minute Workout is a high-intensity interval (HIIT) routine, which uses bodyweight exercises to get you moving. The routine is 12 exercises, and the only equipment required is a chair and a wall. HIIT routines are known for producing similar benefits as longer workouts but in much less time. However, interval training requires—you guessed it—intervals! While it’s only 7 minutes, it’s important to complete the routine two to three times per day and at least three days per week.

The Routine

Infographic Credit: Ben Wiseman, The New York Times

Perform each of the exercises above for 30 seconds at a time. There are no quotas that you must hit for this routine, such as five pushups. Simply perform as many as you can during the 30 second period. After you’ve completed all the exercises, take a break for a few minutes to recover. You will then repeat the workout one to two more times.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the workout should be an 8 on the level of intensity. The upside is, after less than 30 minutes, you’re done! Within a few weeks, you will notice that you can do more of each exercise and that the routine will become slightly easier.

To make the workout even more simple, try one of the many 7-Minute Workout apps you can find in the Android or Apple app stores. We recommend The New York Times’ free version.